Sculptural Face Lifting Treatments

"Best of Both" Buccal + Sculptural Facial Treatments | 80 minutes | $220

Sculptural Face Lifting Facial | 60 minutes | $175 

Philosophy | Sculptural Face Lifting: 

Our facial muscles move with our feelings. There is an intricate network of interrelated muscles of facial expression and mastication constantly at work beneath our skin. A lifetime of happiness, sadness, stress, anger, and all other emotions have animated the constant and unconscious movement of these muscles, effecting the shapes we see reflected back in the mirror. Sculptural Face Lifting works by re-sculpting the muscles in the face, neck and décolletage, releasing unconscious holding patterns within the muscles themselves, then manipulating the soft tissue to provide lift, definition and contour. This natural rejuvenation technique retrains our facial muscles and supporting tissues, to encourage natural toning and balancing of our unique and fascinating facial structures.