Philosophy + Founder

Philosophy | Buccal Massage:

During a Buccal Facial Treatment, the therapist uses their thumb and fingers to release tension and stimulate movement on the inside and outside of the client's mouth and cheeks. Of the many benefits, clients can expect to feel immediate relief from jaw tension, sinus discomfort, and release of stress. After just 1 session, clients will see a noticeable decrease in facial puffiness, lifting and contouring of the lower and mid face, softening in the nasolabial area, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, detoxification, boosting of collagen and elastic production, giving clients a natural glow from the gentle manual exfoliation of this therapy. 


Founder | Stephanie Cantor:

Radicalizing the applications of Holistic Facial Treatments and Buccal Facial techniques, Stephanie Cantor founded The Blue Room Spa when her life-long love of self-care + skincare aligned with her on-going journey toward a deeper connection to Self. 

Stephanie Cantor is a licensed Esthetician in the state of Oregon. Trained under Anastasia Talan of Kosha Spa in Los Angeles, she is certified in Buccal Facials, Sculptural Face Lifting, Facial Kinesiology Taping, and Gua Sha Facial Techniques. Trained by Evan Healy in Holistic Facial Protocols, and by HydroPeptide in the deep science of effective peptide based skincare.